Memory Foam Sheets

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Memory Foam sheets are the best addition to any mattress and it will enhance the comfort and support level of any ordinary mattress.

Memory foam, also known as visco-elastic foam, was first designed by NASA in the mid-1960s. Made from polyurethane, memory foam was developed to counteract the extreme pressure astronauts faced when exiting and entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The potential to use memory foam in other products was soon discovered and is now used in mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers.

We provide a wide variety of memory foam for the bedding industry, our density range available is V40, V50 and V70 memory foam, go to our foam types page for more information here.

We can supply memory foam in many different thickness sheets from, 5mm to 75mm thickness and in some case even higher thickness, our main best-sellers are 1″ to 4″ sheets. These can be supplied in any UK size mattresses.