Memory Block V40

  • High Density Memory Foam
  • Medium Soft rating
  • Cut to any size
  • Full Body Support
  • Temperature Sensitive
  • Relieves pressure points

The V40 Memory Block is our standard memory product, used by majority of the customers as it is adaptive to many conditions. It is also the most competitive priced memory product on the market and an excellent first introduction to memory foam for most people. This memory foam can fit the full spectrum of mattress production from full foam to pocket spring mattresses.

Our V40 memory foam can be supplied in all UK standard mattress sizes as well as cut to bespoke sizes.

Product Specifications

AVAILABLE SIZES: Available in all UK Mattress sizes:

DEPTHS FROM: 1″ up to 4″

SHEET SIZES: 5mm to 30mm sheets (Please call for other options)

MEMORY TYPE: V40 memory

PACKAGING OPTIONS: Sheet sizes sold in quantity only (please call for information)