Headboard Padding Sheets

  • Reflex foam
  • High Flexibility
  • Perfect Base Foam
  • Reliable Performance


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Specially designed for use as padding for upholstery use, typically found as padding for headboards, frame beds, leather backing etc. This is an ideal foam for all padding requirements and is sold in large full block sheets, giving you the flexibility to use the foam sheets in a variety of ways.


Padding sheets are sold as a full block of foam cut to your required depth. At Sigma Foam we are able to provide a variety of sizes of sheets for you needs, Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


We have a standard set of sheets available (see below)


Product Options
21H-46-1.00 FULL SHEET 80 90 1
21H-46-1.25 FULL SHEET 80 90 1.25
21H-46-1.50 FULL SHEET 80 90 1.5
21H-46-2.00 FULL SHEET 80 90 2


Note: Please note due to the nature of the product, all measurements are close approximations only.