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Cut to size service available, contact us with your requirements and we will do the rest.

Foam Sheeting for Mattresses

For the bedding and upholstery industry, Sigma Foam can

provide foam sheets in different sizes and depths.

Depending on your requirements, we can also supply a number

of different density foams. Feel free to reach out to us today to discuss your


Why you can rest easy with Sigma.

The UK's leading bedding manufacturers know and trust us for our expert knowledge and expertise as foam converters.

With our excellent service and support, we can meet all your needs.

Sigma Foam Convertors Ltd. Purelux memory foam mattress. The Purelux memory foam mattresses are an industry leader in memory foam, designed for modern living. The mattresses feature a Purelux foam base layered with high density memory foam. Purelux mattresses provide a comfortable, supportive sleep experience for everyone.

Sleeping with Purelux is like nothing you have ever experienced before.


Our Services

Vacuum Pack and Roll Services

Sigma Foam can provide services such as vacuum packing for foam products and we can also roll pack them for you. This is a service in high demand as it saves on volume carriage fees.

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What Our Customers Say!

We make your dreams come true

Sigma Foam are one of our best suppliers They try and provide that extra bit of personal touch and we are very grateful to the whole team

Aslan Max

CEO - Home Choice

Our customers prefer to order bespoke products that are made for their own choice and feel. This poses a problem when ordering materials from suppliers as most of them cannot provide this service. Enter Sigma Foam, you get what you ask for every time! Very pleased.

Jane Hope

Manager - Hope Seating Suppliers

We are based in the midlands and every week like clock work Sigma foam deliver our orders on time and as ordered. Now that's a service!

John Bambrick

Director - Houseland Furniture Store